Pound Of Flesh Load up on Pills

Pound of Flesh


WuLi Records, 2014

Pound of Flesh is helmed by vocalist, Darrell James who spent time with both Ministry and Revolting Cocks, which straight off the bat gives this PoundofFlesh_PillsCD_squarecover_1500band industrial strength credibility.

Much of this release is dance floor ready electronica tempered with metal edges, instead of the other way around.

Lead track “Everybody”sets the tone with a volatile declaration of frustration, with the impossibly catchy, “I’m through/With you/One and all/Everybody.”

“Ready to Go” feels obsessive and frenzied, as it swirls, builds and falls away to space repeatedly. The sense of space the band creates is a smart move. Too much electronic music is consistently dense to the point of feeling cluttered.

“Believe” has more room to breathe and calls to mind great European techno acts of the early 90’s. The samples are thin as razors and slice as deeply.

“Live Fast” is a great biker dive bar, straight ahead rock throwback number and it shuffles hard like the agitated rocker it is. This deep cut is the one your kid will have on repeat endlessly to learn to play the guitar parts, and you can’t fault him for having good taste.

Throughout, Pound of Flesh have the sort of pulsing rhythms that induce involuntary muscle movement, and have topped those off with discontented verbal musings coupled with powerful melodies. As Shakespeare might say, now we should enjoy, “the pretty follies that themselves commit.”