Little Kids and Dummy’s in Brooklyn

AfroPunkFest 2013 Battle of the Bands Finals, Free Candy, Brooklyn NY

As told by Chris Bacchus

Sunny Gang

photo by Mel D. Cole

Two years ago we worked our way into the finals of AFROPUNK’s 2013 Battle of The Bands to play AFROPUNK festival. In usual Sunny Gang fashion we weren’t playing with a full deck of cards. In this case I was forced to play with a broken fretting finger thanks to a freak guitar smashing faux pas and a broken knee due to a skateboarding accident. With all that said, I was incapable of jumping around and fell victim to becoming a stage potato (cousin to the couch potato). However, like an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Gang had a plan.

This angel sent from above came in the form of a homemade, life size dummy that resembled me, complete with hair made from a black shopping bag from the bodega on our block. With full force our drummer Marshal angrily struck his crash cymbal, sending the dummy crowd surfing through a drunken slew of cheap beer and lime-a-ritas. Tension was high as our bassist Joe Sap screamed, “Kill that dummy, kill that dummy!”

In a matter of seconds, the crowd maniacally disemboweled the dummy in a haunting scene reminiscent of a low budget 1980s horror movie. It lasted probably no more than a minute. His candy-filled head was spilling its innards throughout the venue, and the old clothes we used to stuff him littered the floor. The crowd was amped as they continued to groove to our music. As the madness ensued, our lead singer, Nasty Nate wanted to try something we haven’t done prior to this show. He grabbed his microphone and divided the crowd in half, getting them ready for a wall of death. In a fierce battle cry, Nasty Nate cued the crowd, “On three just run into each other, full force. Three, Two, One!”

Then it hit us as the four of us saw a ghastly sight. There was a little 5-year-old girl dancing in the middle of the wall as drunken punks, skaters and chicks came crashing full speed towards her. Somehow, as the word “ONE” left Nate’s mouth, his heroic girlfriend Brianna ran out, grabbed the little girl and dragged her out of the path of the roughly 50 drunken lunatics rushing towards her. After that, the little girl didn’t miss a beat as she diddy bopped till the ending of our set. Although we didn’t win the battle we still got to play AFROPUNK Festival 2013. So our advice to any up and coming band who wants to play a music festival would be to break some limbs, make a dummy and unintentionally endanger a child’s welfare.

Chris Bacchus plays guitar for Sunny Gang and you should spend time getting to know them