The Last Throes -Get Me Wrong

The Last Throes

Get Me Wrong

Money Fire Records, 2015

From Brooklyn, New York, which is the sort of town which generates wonderfully hostile acts , comes one more, The Last throes cover (3)Last Throes. This gathering of malcontents, have upped the ante with this self titled vinyl (and digital, of course) release that feels like being thrown down a flight of stairs. This is one memorable tumble.

They kick this disc off with “Damaged Goods,” a sturdy rocker with an irresistible riff. “Napalm” is the album’s center and left me muttering the chorus over and over, so the people I work with sort of avoided me the rest of the day. Neil’s vocal’s sound like they were scalded by battery acid. The band serves up one punishing, blistering track after another.

“Dee Dee Mao” is a tormented burst of anger that cuts a swath like a chainsaw through a field of daisies. “One Less Asshole” is the only song to toy with post punk musical stylings. Unhurried and a nice musical turn. From start to finish, The Last Throes create an impressive din, with Get Me Wrong. It’s a perfectly pissed collection of tunes which should make your permanent playlist posthaste.