Q&A with Christie Belanger

Q&A with Christie Belanger

Christie Belanger has been writing and playing music for 13 years and has developed into a powerful singer and lyricist. She taught herself Christiehow to play guitar from the young age of thirteen and has been writing narratives of her life and other’s ever since. During the summer of 2010 she recorded her first album, “Bare,” which is a testament to her genuine talent and power as a performer. “Bare” displays. She was good enough to take a fewminutes and share her thoughts on inspiration and her newest release, ‘For Whomever, From No One’.

Sit back and pay attention, there may be a quiz later . . . .

Indie Music: Do you recall the moment you first wanted to pick up an instrument?

Christie Belanger: Yes. I was a kid, listening to my uncle play ‘Hurricane’ by Neil Young. I was totally in awe of him. Playing music seemed like this radical and mysterious force of nature that I would never experience. But I was so moved by his guitar playing that I knew instantly this was something I wanted to do. After that moment, I asked my parents for my first guitar.

IM: Which musician (living/dead/other) would you most like to share a stage with and what song Christie Coverwould you most like to jam on?

CB: Joni Mitchell. She has had an incredible life and is just a beautiful person who has created some insanely beautiful music. We’d get real deep and jam out to the Dead’s ‘Ripple’.

IM: Now that music (overall) has returned to a more DIY ethic, do you think it’s better off or do you long for the days of chest thumping arena rock?

CB: I think it’s great that artists are pursuing their careers independently. I think it creates a stronger community amongst musicians and encourages a ton of creative opportunities for us as well.

IM: Name of your new project you feel compelled to plug?

CB: On October 30 th I’m releasing a new EP, ‘For Whomever, From No One’. It’s a compilation of storytelling songs and is a testament to those who have changed the course of my narrative. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to for everyone to hear it.

IM: Your favorite thing/song from the new release?

CB: My favorite part about making the album was the recording process. For Whomever, From No One was recorded at Signal Kitchen in Burlington, Vermont. We were in and out of the studio in a day, and did the whole thing live. There was an insane amount of energy and focus which was super inspiring and just so awesome. Getting to hear all of this new instrumentation capture the genuine emotion of my songs was really special too. Overall, it was a really positive experience that I am truly grateful for.

IM: When you get around to writing your rock opera and/or concept album, what subject will be the focus your intense personal examination?

CB: I wrote a song a while back about the captain of a ship, self­righteous and rich in ego, who reflects upon his life with deep regret before he finally passes away. I think that when I’m ready, I would probably write more about that character and tell the story of his life leading up to that moment.

IM: If you were an SAT question, would you be an analogy or long division?

CB: I’d say my music is definitely more long division then analogy. It’s detailed and intricate with independent element that make up a complete, compelling story. Rock is to Christie Belanger​(your band name) as Trance Electronica is to Mike Huckabee​(Republican candidate.)

IM: Absurd thing you plan to buy with your first million dollar royalty check?

CB: Do you remember that scene in Big when Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play Chopsticks on a life­size piano? I would buy that piano in a heartbeat. And play it. All. The time.

IM: Best reason we should listen to your music?

CB: My songs are stories that are evocative and told in a personal, poetic way. They are pieces of powerful art with meaningful lyrics that stay with you. It’s music made from the heart, and meant for the soul.

IM: Finish this sentence, “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone by Explosions in the Sky is the perfect soundtrack for driving through the Badlands at sunset.”

Be sure you spend part of your day with Christie here: www.facebook.com/christiebmusic