The Flux Machine are Louder!

The Flux Machine


Independent Release, 2015

The Flux Machine are a rough on the edges duo from NYC. Theirs is a three chord mindset interested in rough and FLUX MACHINEtumble good time, and aren’t shy about embracing and parading a rock n’ roll mindset.

On “Square Up” there’s a dark crooning of “ I swim in troubled waters . . . .” a clear harbinger of turmoil. “How it’s Gonna Be” rolls and flows like a recently unearthed Stooges tune. It’s the sort of number Tarantino would use in a a Grindhouse release for an abduction scene.

“Mess You Up” is a brawny, roots rock kick in the gut. A solid blast of aggression as subtle as a bare knuckle dust up in an alley. “Love and Affection” is a hard shuffle pleading for a change. “Jack , Jim and Johnny” is a number about a liquid solution to real life problems. Someone’s blowing a dirty harmonica that sounds the way that buzz feels.

“Hate Love” is a great note to end this disc on. And emphatic song about indecision that feels like the Stones in ’79. “I need to Hate you/Love you,” a conundrum most anyone who’s ever been love can surely relate to. Executed with style and fervor, The Flux Machine will not go quietly anywhere. This is forward and uncomplicated and sort of irresistible.

Also available on vinyl, because The Flux Machine are cool like that.