The Boondocks Live: A Different Style of Venue

The Boondocks Live

A Different Style of Venue

by Randy Raie

As a debut writer for, I couldn’t have been better accommodated or felt more at home then I did at boondocksThe Boondocks Live. Located in Melbourne, FL, The Boondocks Live is not an original business idea in Brevard County, however, it is a crucial piece in today’s music scene.

I had the privilege of meeting the owners of this long missing link. Both Tim and Brett are down to earth music enthusiasts with humble roots having worked the underground punk scene. They logically progressed into audio engineering and when shown an opportunity to take over what was a failing showhall, they planted a seed that has grown more rapidly than I think they expected. What seperates Brett and Tim from the rest of the event proprietors world is their love for the game. This isn’t just a business, for them The Boondocks Live is a hub for indie, local, and national acts alike, as well as one for the fans. “What made us different was we were a venue, and we wanted to see the local community still have that” Brett stated. He continued, “We’re one of those pieces that fit into Brevard County that wasn’t there and we’re just trying to fit that piece.”

These two guys have had the experience of travel and have seen what many other venues have to offer, and most boondocks1times it’s sub-par. They cater to the bands, and more importantly, to the fans. The goal isn’t to feed you a bunch of beer, take your money, and send you on your way. On the contrary, they strive to continuously bring heavy line-ups, stellar sound and have you (and the bands) coming back.

“It’s all about the music and the whole scene in general,” Tim said.

“We’re just trying to find our niche in that scene. We just want to bring more to it, if anything have another place for people to go that maybe they didn’t have before.”

This is not a place to shoot pool, throw darts, or sing karaoke. Rather, it’s a community of culture.The Boondocks Live hosts locals and newcomers to join open jam night sessions, whether it be acoustic or an ensemble. I’ve personally seen our local comic talent busting jokes on the stage. Between the open space provided for excellent sound and the quirky interior art both on the walls and ceiling tiles, Boondocks Live will meet you with a hand shake and a smile. You can easily check out who is coming up the road from their Facebook page, Before I lose your attention though, I will mention a few. February 19th, a big name coming through, Madball w/guests. February 20th they are hosting local and indie acts, Evil Virgins, Los Toros, Slumberjack and Part Time Nothing. And I must mention one of my favorite local acts, March 5th Lazaras and Braineaters.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you there.