Creed Bratton’s One Man Show

Creed Bratton

Live at Bar IX

Sunday February 28,

Titusville, FL

Creed Bratton, best known from his role as Creed Bratton on NBC’s The Office, pulled into Titusville on a Sunday Creed B VG (3)night to perform his one man show. Not exactly stand-up, but humorous nonetheless, Bratton’s show mixed witty stories and music that spanned his career.

Having spent nine years portraying an exagerrated version of himself it would be easy to dismiss Bratton as a one trick pony. But here was a classic story teller in the vein of Arlo Guthrie, who has had bona fide radio hits and the oddest second act in life one could possibly imagine.

Most of the songs were sing-alongs, save for “All the Faces” from The Office final episode. Bratton related stories of being a young father to a newborn, married and living in Malibu in 1969. A more personable entertainer is hard to recall. He playfully chided the audience for not having more energy when they sang along. “I’m going on 80. You can do better than that!”

Bar IX is an intimate venue perfect for this kind of show. The small room afforded everyone a close vantage to the stage, adding to the feeling that this was something far more personal than just another show. This was an old friend telling stories and showing you some some songs he’d written, and you know, there’s no reason to rush to end a night like this.

Bratton closed the show and returned promptly saying. “Once I waited too long to come back on for an encore, and Creed B VG (1)most of the audience left. The waitress was kind enough to listen.”

With this he went into a story about co-star Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin on the show), and how she would speak primarily Indonesian, much to the annoyance of the other cast members. The resulting bit of musical retaliation to Angela was the song “Rubber Tree.”

Everyone has THAT friend at work who is painfully funny and mostly likable. This evening with Creed Bratton was like a really great coffee break with THAT friend.