Bruce Mountain Band Crank Out The Jams

Another Day Lost

Bruce Mountain Band

Independent Release, 2016

From Riverside California comes Bruce Mountain Band, and they are an bare-knuckle dust up of a band. With gritty, unkempt guitars roiling wildly against a rock solid rhythm section, this band plays with psychedelia and all the BRUCE MOUNTAIN CVRgrittiness grunge ever claimed. The end result, a flowing, disheveled brand of rock that never goes out of style.

“Living Without You” is the kind of savage ride that makes Bruce Mountain Band stand apart. Raucous, unrefined, and ready to come apart at the seams, these upbeat, adrenalized rockers are the sort of numbers this band excels at.

“Woman” is an agitated, slower number bout a love that’s gone South. “Fireball” lives up to it’s name with a rough and tumble race to the end. Revved up and unrestrained, this is another stand-out track. “Crooked Leg,” and “Crossfit,” both have the rollicking good time feel of classic mid -seventies Stones numbers and just about the time when you think you’re done with a song, you’re happy to hear it once more.

Throughout this disc, guitars stutter and swoop, grind and growl over pulsing rhythms. This is a memorable release from a band with a classic mindset. And because they are cool like that, this is available on vinyl. ‘Natch.