Bash And Pop’s Brilliant Sophomore Release

Anything Can Happen

Bash & Pop

Fat Possum, 2017

Bash & Pop was Tommy Stinson’s post Replacements project from 1991. They released one exceptional album, bash-and-pop-cvr(Friday Night is Killing Me), and there was great anticipation Stinson would carry on in the best distorted, anarchic pop traditions of The ‘Mats. Then he did the unexpected. Stinson joined the Axl only era Guns ‘n Roses line-up.

Fast forward to now, and Bash & Pop is reformed with a new line-up and new release. Anything Can Happen handily picks up where he left off as if 24 years was just a couple of months. There’s an offhanded looseness running throughout much of the album. There’s the opening track, “Not This Time,” which rollicks like a Stones LP on 45 rpm. “On the Rocks,” “Bad News,” and “Jesus Loves You.” sound as if the could have come from the Pleased to Meet Me era Replacements catalog. “Anytime Soon,” and “Shortcut” are quietly tender and attest to Stinson’s skillful dexterity. Bash & Pop are provocative at either end of the dynamic spectrum. This is a great start to the musical New Year.