Orlando’s First Ever Field Trip South!

Scott Sugiuchi is a busy, busy man. He plays in several bands (The Stents, the Hatebombs), he has a wonderful garage label, Hidden Volume Records, and has co-organized Orlando’s first two day Garage Festival, Field Trip South. Scott won’t come out and say that this trip is about taking a break from the chill that is Winter in Baltimore. Nor should he,because he has a great cover story and he put effort into his escape. While packing his sunscreen and mosquito spray, Scott found time to answer some questions with Indie Music (.CO) about The Field Trip South, scheduled for February 24th and 25th.

IndieMusic: Who’s idea was Field Trip South?

Scott Sugiuchi: Field Trip South was my brainchild. In 2015 I did 3 other shows in Baltimore, Philly and Brooklyn with a bunch of bands, DJs and merch called The Field Trips so it’s an extension of that idea. I wanna do Field Trip Scott 02West in 2018, maybe L.A., San Diego or Portland.

IM: How did you go about assembling (selecting acts) the line-up?

Scott S: I wanted to have bands that I have either done releases with (Stents, BellTowers, Ar-Kaics, etc) or have future releases scheduled (Woolly Bushmen, Subsonics). Then other acts that are “friends of the label” like The Woggles and SCOTS. Mostly I wanted it to reflect the kind of music I dig (60s garage rock in part or whole). And also wanted to assemble bands that just kill live. And I’m pretty sure that’s the case here.

IM: What was the song (or band) that first piqued your interest in garage rock?

Scott S:Oh man, good question. I didn’t really know what ‘garage rock’ was until I was in college and I started hanging out with my future bandmates (in The Hate Bombs), Dave Ewing and Ken Chiodini. I think it was Ken who introduced me to legendary Pittsburgh garage band The Cynics and I fell in love with a songs like “Basket of Flowers” and “Abba” —I still love those songs!

IM: You are/were in the Hatebombs. If I only had time to listen to one song, what would you call the essential track from The Hatebombs?

Scott S: I think most people would say “Like It That Way” but for my money “She’s The Girl” sums up the Hate Bomb experience. Dave wrote it and I loved it from the nanosecond he demo’d it for us. It’s got a killer riff, fun back SCOTT 01up vocals, a harmonica solo and caveman lyrics about girls. It’s pure garage!

IM: What makes a truly great garage band?

Scott S: I believe what makes a great garage band is simplicity. Just playing music that doesn’t involve huge statements or overthinking things. It’s not dumb, it’s just not trying too hard. Nobody likes a try-hard.

IM: What does Hidden Volume Records look for when they add a band to it’s roster?

Scott S: We always try to find a band that has great songs first and then a great sound (live and/or recorded) and a distinct approach/look/feel. The Woolly Bushmen are a perfect example if I can use an Orlando reference. They have super catchy songs, they look great and their recordings capture the spirit of garage rock to a T.