Jason Andrew Brown’s View of Americana

Jason Andrew Brown

Jason Andrew Brown

Independent Release, 2017

There’s something about the midwest that helps to develop compelling songwriters. From Indiana comes Jason JASON BROWN 00Andrew Brown. On his own after years of fronting the band Push Down and Turn, Brown is determined to set his own course.

With a six song EP, he covers optimism, loss and introspection. “Shine Sun Shine” is a bright eyed bit of pop designed to chase away whatever foul mood may be threatening. There’s the warm, dulcet strains of an electric piano worked in here that helps add warmth and depth to it all.

“Making Time” is an electric, upbeat rocker that sounds ready made for FM radio. “Icarus” contemplates the final thoughts of 9/11’s “The Falling Man” who has chosen to leap rather than allow himself to be burned alive. There’s a lot of time to contemplate the life you’ve led on that long drop. Emotionally bare, pained, and ultimately resigned, the song refuses to be gimmicky nor sacharine.

Jason Andrew Brown, armed with his acoustic guitar, has chosen to drape himself in the austere trappings of an folkie and Americana artist. There is little room to hide or to be insincere. So it’s a good thing he’s good at what he’s doing.