The Ood are Itching for a Fight

The Own You EP

The Ood

Independent Release, 2017

From Tampa come The Ood, a five piece who specialize in coarse, unburnished 70’s throwback rock. With jagged, broken glass vocals and tastefully sweeping leads, The Ood are a dogged bunch of ornery malcontents who happen to OOD CVRhave instruments, and decided to sing about their anger

“Dead Meat” churns at a quick clip. Fueled by guitars tuned like an a thousand angry hornets, and driven by a solid rhythm section, the song never holds back. “WW” is a tribute to Breaking Bad and Walter White. There’s some unguarded moments herein,where the band plays loosely with the rhythm, and the slack moments offset the punchy-ness of the chorus.

“LOFNO” (Lookin’ Out for Number One) is a classic dirty, rocking stomp of a number. This would work as an acoustic blues, a rockabilly tune, and is just fine as is. This is what the inside of your head sounds like when you have to force yourself into a job too early on a Sunday morning with a hangover and three hours of sleep.

The audio quality here is a few steps up from a demo, but it only adds to the rough and tumble, seat of the pants feel. This feels like the band wrote this album while UFO, Nazareth, and Waylon Jennings played on a constant shuffle.