Natalise and the Sunset Run Offer us Glimpses of the Sun

Glimpses of the Sun

Natalise and the Sunset Run

Independent Release, 2017

From California comes the subdued pop of classically trained pianist, Natalise. With elegantly delicate melodies, she Natalisefocuses on introspective mid tempo songs that glint like the first light of day on a reflecting pool. Natalise has sweetly pliable vocals that yearn in her delivery. “Abandon” swells with expectant confidence love will conquer all.

In “See Me” she sings “I’m drowning in a sea of cold gray maybe’s.” Slight and strong, Natalise reveals herself forthright,as if being anything less than real never occurred to her. Piano ballad “The Lucky Ones” confronts a deeply personal ache and offers cold comfort for all that is lost. Finding solace in happier days can be a tricky endeavor.

The five songs here light as a coastal breeze. How much you wish to attach to the emotional revelations may say more about your own personal state of heartache or lack there-of. This is worth taking a moment to listen to all she has to say. And then once more; because.