Daphne Willis Serenades Freaks Like Me

Freaks Like Me

Daphne Willis

Independent Release, 2017

Daphne Willis has created a substantive slice of soul flavored pop with her most recent release, Freaks Like Me. Daphne_LowRes076Catchy and well crafted there’s a surprising amount of depth here. And before I get to the heart of this review, I need to get this out of the way. The brand of ‘pop music’ is often dismissed as disposable, but these songs, are earworms. The best of which will live on in radio and films in perpetuity.

Title track ”Freaks Like Me” is a slower, sexy, tension filled scorcher of a number that smolders with anticipation. There’s a theatrical quality to the production, that charms the ear effortlessly. “Somebody’s Someone” is the disc’s centerpiece, about worth, love and how people are much more than their actions. Blunt and hopeful, she refuses to give up on people’s better nature.

“Keep on Keepin’ On” is sunny and upbeat, as is much of the disc. This disc is full of surprises. Horns pop and punctuate from the most unexpected and delightful places. With “The Letter” Daphne could break your heart if you let her, and hopefully you will.

From start to finish, this collection is well executed. Memorable and polished without sounding cluttered, Major labels should take note. This is a fully realized and developed artist who clearly needs a bigger stage. .