Heavy Tiger Shimmer with “Glitter”


Heavy Tiger

Wild Kingdom Records, 2017

An all female act with a penchant for 70’s glam rock sound and look would be easy to dismiss as fan girls diving head Heavy Tiger - Glitter - Artworkfirst into a reworking of The Runaway’s, so let’s skip that.

Heavy Tiger are from Stockholm, Sweden, and play gritty rock prettied up with sweet harmonies. And Heavy Tiger are really easy to like.

“I Go for the Cheap Ones” is a bad luck admission right off the bat, with great soaring vocals that make all the difference in the world. “Feline Feeling” has the strength to be a single. Catchy with great lead, the band drives the song with a sense of abandon. “No Tears in Tokyo” is a solid blast of silly lyrics that flat out rocks.

“Devil May Care” closes the disc and sums up the band well. Optimistic, energized and clearly enjoying themselves, this is Heavy Tiger’s reality. Unconcerned with big statements or changing the world, the songs are reliably unpretentious. They sandwich pop with dirty guitars and spirited leads.

The best songs we’ve heard other versions of before, but they bear revisiting, reinterpreting, and did I say repeating?

Well I should of. A fun disc start to finish.