Dead Serios & Geezër Rally for a Good Cause

Dead Serios

w/Special Guest Geezër

Sunday April 2, Siggy’s, Palm Bay, FL

Dead Serios, who are retired, dusted off all things Dead (seriosly) to help out an old friend going through a tough time. Space Coast guitarist and fixture of the it’s music scene, Eric Hotton is the worthy beneficiary and personality ded serios (157) vg


required to prod DS back for one more show.

Geezër came up from Miami to lend a helping hand. With a short but memorable set the 5 piece seemed a little confused as to what season it was, opened and closed with high octane Christmas carols. At least they played them like they meant it. Harvey Geezer certainly didn’t behave like too many octogenarians. Dancing, grinding and living like a man with numbered days, he didn’t hold back.

Dead Serios delivered a scalding set of their most memorable songs from their storied catalog. Joined onstage by the usual DS hanger’s on, which included, Oprah Winfrey, The Psycho-dyke, and Manager Sheckey Finklestein. They performed for an appreciative crowd who came out on a Sunday night for a good cause.