The Killthrax Tour Rocks Orlando

The KillThrax Tour

Anthrax/Killswitch Engage

w/The Devil Wears Prada and Code Orange

April 13, House of Blues, Orlando, Florida

Anthrax and KillSwitch Engage together? How does one get so lucky?

Anthrax 2017 (111) vg

pic by M.A. Rivera

The Kilthrax tour is co-headlining roadshow with each band alternating the top spot. And it was KillSwitch Engage’s turn to go on last.

And Anthrax made them work for it. With a set that leaned heavily on older material going back to Spreading the Disease, including “Madhouse,”and “Antisocial” from State of Euphoria. But Anthrax has a new release, For All Kings and the material was as solid and reliably ruthless as the bands legendary catalog.

KillSwitch Engage are/were a formidable presence onstage. With an audience primed and excited, they took the stage with the fury of men there to prove themselves. Working their way through a mix of older and newer songs, the audience seemed to know each and every word. KSE was tough as nuts and are required listening for anyone partial to distortion.

Opening act The Devil Wears Prada, a tough metal act from Dayton, Ohio, continue on their trajectory upward. They continue to prove themselves to be firebrands, delivering an unrelenting and punishing 40 minute set of molten metalcore.