Instant Smile Releases Debut Single

Eight Year Itch/Night Shift

Instant Smile

Independent Release, 2017

instant smile 00Instant Smile are some old friends with a new name. The Gregg Phoenix Experience re-branded itself and to celebrate, Erin Berry and Gregg Phoenix released this digital single. The duo from Philly feel slightly smarter, and musically more self aware than most guitar/drum duos.

“Night Shift” creeps to life like that second cup o’java hittin’ you all at once. And just because you’re awake, doesn’t mean you’re ready to make sense of the world just yet.

“Eight Year Itch” is covered in paisley and swirls with a sense of purpose. It also has some nice changes throughout, and the main riff breathes easily.

This is a nice take on the garage rock medium. Forgoing an over adrenalized attack for a loose, rollicking 1966 feel.