Rugby Road Return With a Great EP

Ruby Road III

Rugby Road

WYD? Records, 2017

Rugby Road are a Philly trio that have been at it a really long time, and play as though they are in each others Rugby Roadpockets. Because after more than 20 years, they probably are. This, their third release, is a four song EP and introduces to a band with surprising range and dynamics.

They kick off with a warm mid-tempo rocker, “Give it Away,” that sounds like a just discovered gem from the mid 90’s golden age of the newly minted alternative label, when those songs were fresh and exciting. The keyboard break in the middle section swells and expands before returning to the song. The lead guitar work on the way out is nimble and teems with energy. Followed directly by “Back to You.” I hear shades of Steely Dan showing their love of Motown with some great back and forth with a golden voiced back singer.

“Nobody (Needs To Know)” has another fiery six string work out that bears shades of Trevor Rabin in the best possible way. Tense and unhurried, the song feels cinematic at moments, the soundtrack for a strained showdown between the protagonists who’ve been at each others throats and are finally gonna settle this thing once and for all.

A fun collection and interesting introduction to a band with a considerable legacy.