Body Talk with The Baby Seals

The Baby Seals

Thbaby seals CVRe Baby Seals

Trapped Animal, 2017

Just when I’m ready to dismiss punk as truly dead, there arrives another pleasant surprise.

To be fair, I don’t get how a bunch of pouty boys bemoaning their boo-hoo-hoo misery from their blackest notebook of personal poetry even qualifies as punk, but this is off topic.

The Baby Seals, from Cambridge, England, have the confidence to make fun of themselves now that making fun of ANYONE else is a serious no no. But the three young women here have turned ordinary annoyances into art. They sidestep anger, going straight to being funny and irreverent.

This is their debut EP and personally, I think the opening track, “My Labia’s Lopsided, But I Don’t Mind,” should be played before all sporting events. At least until someone notices. Seriously, the song is insanely catchy and brings up a medical condition I was previously unaware of.

“Nipple Hair” invokes Lady Godiva and how the body in it’s natural state can be bit much for those used to seeing it in her sanitized forms. “Yawn Porn” handles the tediously obvious repetitive nature of porn, amateur or otherwise. “Period Piece” is clever as well.

The Baby Seals are clever enough to realize they can address greater truths by being funny. They own their identity and don’t care what you think.