Mobile Deathcamp Kills it Live

Mobile Deathcamp Kills it Live

The 321 Local,Cocoa,Florida

February 08, 2012

Before a small but enthusiastic crowd,Toledo,Ohio’s Mobile Deathcamp brought along its Heavy Metal refresher course and schooled all present. Made up of  Dave Martin on Drums, Boe Skadeland on bass, and fronted by Todd Evans on guitar and vocals, the band unleashed it’s own magnificent version of speed and thrash metal with deft and surprising musical virtuosity.

The 75 minute set leaned heavily on the bands second and most recent release, Clear and Present Anger. Mobile Deathcamp’s super-tight musical show stayed focused and relentless, delivering a brutal and uncompromising set of high octane double bass thrash, the likes of which hasn’t been done properly in years. “Sesquac,” “Cover Judge” and “Human Popsicles” were all highlights in a show filled with solid and memorable performances.

Melbourne,Florida’s Prophecy Z14 was the only opening act on the bill I caught. They were a more than capable metal act, with considerable promise. Songs like “Pillar of Salt” and “Torn from the Flies” are indicative of where this band should be headed. Their secret weapon is phenomenal Bassist, Oz, whose presence proves to be a game changer, to help the band stand apart from other Metal acts of the same ilk.                                                                                                                                               Judging by the number of Mobile Deathcamp shirts recently being sported in and around the vicinity of the venue, a good time was had by all and like any artist worth their salt, Mobile Deathcamp left the audience wanting more.