Three State Famous Have a Big Time Sound

Three State Famous

Suburban Street Trash

Independent Release, 2014

Three State Famous Kick this EP off with “Low Life,”a greasy rocker so oily and dirty, you’d swear BP was behind it. The song is a Three State Famousnervy serving of cocky bravado that begs to be listened to repeatedly. The tone steps down from here, with “Sleeping in Forever,” a song that moves along in second gear. This grind allows the band to build tension and a suspense between the interplay of the instruments.

“Cuts Low” is a piano drive number as taut and confident as a high wire act performing without a net. “Make it Out Alive” is a gospel hued serving of desperation and worthy of next season of Sons of Anarchy soundtrack. There’s a sense of tormented loss and anguish dogging the singer as he laments the hopelessness of his situation.

Three State Famous drop this dirty rock bomb of authentic 1970’s biker blues so convincingly you’ll be looking over your shoulder wondering if they might be involved in any other ‘less than reputable practices.’ It’s rude, caustic and real. Sweet as homemade wine, and as off-putting as running into that ex who shuts down all common sense in your head. So put your bail bondsman on speed dial and turn this one up.