Sestric: Something About The Snake


Album: Something About The Snake 

 by William TellTale
Raw, Stripped down, Refreshing…These are several words that could be used to describe LA’s own Chris Sestric. A Pennsylvania native who went for broke, and moved out to the City Of Angels to peruse the dream of making it big. Although, he came equipped with a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music.
Sestric He started writing songs for his solo band while in other LA bands. He then recorded ‘Something About The Snake,’ which is an 18 song journey into the life of a struggling/upcoming LA musician. Most of the songs are dark, and paint the gritty picture of what that life is really like. Others have a sarcastic/ comedic flavor like ‘If She Only Had A Brain,’ and ‘Bitch Named Internet,’ which tells the story about how so many people fallen in love with words they read online. I worked with a guy who swore up and down that he had a ‘girlfriend’ who lived on the opposite side of the country, who he had never met. They had been ‘dating’ for 2 years, and he was faithful, and swore she was too. Not to mention the Mantae Teo Story.
 In Sestric, Chris is the primary songwriter/composer. He also is the lead singer/ lead guitarist. The music is good ol’ raw hard rock. He has a very versatile singing voice that goes from low to very high; much like the moods of the music. The song ‘Something About The Snake’ very deep and heavy groove to it, but also blasts into a melodic big chorus. Not to mention a blistering guitar solo. Actually, that could be said for most of the songs. The vocals mostly have a doubled high/low to them.
 The versatility of his skill is on display throughout the album, the most bold example of it is in the song ‘Send me To Heaven. Its a jazzy acoustic number that makes me want to kick back sip a martini and have a cigar while watching people do ‘The Charleston.’
 I said this album is hard rock. It is, but there are songs that are flat out heavy metal, like ‘Done With Authority,’ and  ‘Here I Am.’ And, of course F.Y.M.F (You figure out what those letters stand for.)
 The last song on the 18 song album, ironically called ‘Running out of Time’ is an acoustic ballad that has a classic rock feel, that talks about how fast paced life in Hollywood with deadlines, and too many things to do in one day on your plate.
 If you like Guns N Roses, LA Guns, and just good hard and heavy rock with an attitude, Sestric is for you. Chris has a very unique voice which is something that sets him apart from most of the ‘main stream’ rock/metal singers on the radio these days who all could be the same person singing for all I know. He also has a very dynamic guitar style. So, if all this sounds good to you, and you also want something original and different, pick up the CD.
Sestric delivers.