The Tiger Club – Brings Home A Perfect Party

The Tiger Club

Mephisto Island

Aeneid Recording Company, 2014

The Tiger Club have this record out, Mephisto Island, and you know it has to be available on vinyl somewhere, otherwise, it’d be simply criminal. Something so perfectly throw back and lovingly performed should be a staple for any hip young professional or Tiger Club CVRcouple’s brand new hi-fi.

Everything here sounds, feels and plays like theme and incidental music to every Pink Panther and/or Sean Connery era bond film ever made and it’s all dead sexy.

The brainchild of musician/composer Baxter Robertson, he’s gathered first rate players together for this gem. This is an album of instrumental pop full of shimmy and shake, brimming with cocktail drums, dreamy guitars and horn blasts which’ll make you think of far away lands.

“Habanero” gets this party started and sounds and feels like Ray Charles leading a bossa nova band. “Green Goddess” is a lighthearted, jaunty strut that’s sexy for how effortlessly the rhythm section simmers against the melody. While “Apeliotes” feels more like Ennio Morricone, for the spartan approach, and sense of gravitas.

If your sick of your current music collection, and you scream at the radio for whatever they are trying to pass off as pop these days, this is the record you need to give your ears some much needed respite.