Ben Meyer’s Rig Run Down

Ben Meyer’s Rig Run Down

Time to break out your notebook ‘cuz Ben Meyer’s gonna take you to school. For the unintiated or those too lazy to use Google, Ben Meyer has done it all. In the 80’s with Nasty Savage, the 90’s with Gardy-Loo!, and now with his Ben MEyer on stagesolo gig and The Ben Meyer Band, he’s always a tough act to follow.  He’s going to share some insight on his gear choices, so sit back and pay attention:

Ben Meyer: I use several different rig rundowns depending on what i am doing. As a solo artist I bring out 6 different instruments. I use a newer Carvin PA  RX1200L Lightweight Stereo Powered 1600W 12 Channel Mixer with 2 Carvin speakers that are 15 inch (non powered) on stands. I use a Boss DR880 Drum machine which also has a place to plug in my guitar and has many different sounds. You can even plug a bass into it and it has great sounds. It has over 500 patterns that has bass added to it already and you can change the key or the speed of the drums. The quality of the drums is better than any other drum machine i have ever heard. You can also program you own patterns or a full song. I have an external foot pedal that will turn on and off the drum machine.

I also use a Boss RC 50 Loop station which is amazing for a solo gig. It allows me to add many different loops and much more. It’s great for adding a solo to a rhythm and gives a more full sound. You can add many harmonies and it has 100 banks. I added cricket and owl noises to one of the banks through the computer and when the audience is quiet it always gets a laugh to turn it on. I also use an Mp3 player with backing tracks for certain songs that i do.  I buy these from different websites. I don’t always use tracks on my songs. Sometimes just use the acoustic and I sing. I use Shure SM 58 mics. Of course on my mic stand there is a beer holder. I have a Jumbo acoustic guitar from Dean guitars and add a Boss Super Overdrive to it when i play a lead .I use my first electric guitar which is a Hondo II strat BEN MB GTR.1copy which i have owned since 1981. It has Single coil pickups. I have a dobro i got off of ebay of a brand i never heard of. It sounds amazing. I have a 1947 Rickenbacker lapsteel that has an amazing sound and is tuned to open E that i play with a beer bottle. I have a Rogue lapsteel that i tune to C6.

I use a Ukellele for some of my songs which i got from Dean guitars. Sometimes i even bring out a cajun drum and toss a mic right inside and it adds a cool sound. Oh yea i almost forgot, you can’t play a gig without having a tambourine for someone to grab. I have a bag of percussion stuff i got from amazon with various items such as a Cowbell. It’s always fun to say “More cowbell” There are also many other things in this bag of goodies. I also have a posterboard with all my songs on the front and back. All 420 of them. If i play as a duo i will still bring all this stuff out and the bass player would play out of his amp. If i play with a full band i would use the same PA and play out of an amp which is a Line 6 Spider IV 75 75-watt 1×12 And a foot pedal with a wah wah and volume control. If i’m am playing a big show i will bring out the Marshall Jcm 800 and use a Boss Super Overdrive pedal and a noise gate pedal and it will get an awesome sound.

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