FABLE CRY’s Zach Ferrin Gets Down to Brass Tacks!

Zach Ferrin Get’s Down to Brass Tacks

interview w/M.A. Rivera

Zach Ferrin sings, sneers and proudly postures as the frontman for Nashville’s Fable Cry. They are a band heavy on high drama fable cry Zach00and over the top performances. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to refer to their brand of entertainment as Theater-Scamp-Rock. So sit back if your in the mood for something different, as Mssr. Ferrin answers all of our questions . . . .

Indie Music: Do you recall the moment you first wanted to pick up an instrument?

Zach Ferrin: I’ve been picking up instruments my entire life, but it wasn’t until I was 11 that I started learning what to do with them after picking them up. My parents both sang and played music so instruments were always around. Something happened in me at 11, though, and I couldn’t stop playing the guitar. 11 was a year of discovery, and I couldn’t stop doing a lot of things… Guitar was the among the more productive routes, though, for sure!

IM: What was the initial inspiration for Fable Cry and it’s unique “Theater Scamp” vision?

ZF:Mostly it was the desire to create something that we hadn’t quite seen or heard yet. It’s always been a goal of mine to make Fable Cry my favorite band. I listen to music, watch movies, go see theatrical productions, and other shows, and am constantly searching for something. I can find something to enjoy in just about everything, but discovering something that really connects with me on multiple levels is a little trickier. So there grew a desire in me to create a culmination of all of my favorite elements of entertainment. So I’m trying hard to satisfy that, and so far people have been responding well to it – the hope is that many, many people share this hunger for it too… So far so good!

fable cry 00IM: How long did it take for the idea to develop?

ZF: I’d say it’s still developing! Our most recent album, and what we’re doing with the videos and shows, is as close to it as we’ve come so far, though. Very exciting!

IM: Which musician (living/dead/other) would you most like to share a stage with and what song would you most like to jam on?

ZF:There are so many. But imagine this: I want to sing a duet version of “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin where Bette Midler who is dressed as Winifred the witch (Hocus Pocus, of course) and I are trading verses. (in my little fantasy realm, we’ve teamed up and are both promising great rewards for each other, because a guy can dream and you asked.)

IM: Do you find it challenging to book shows from people who may not understand or appreciate what Fable Cry is doing?

ZF:It’s the only band I’ve played in that has been this serious, so I honestly don’t have a lot to compare it to – I assume that booking any band has its difficulties. But it is true that people don’t quite know what to think of us until they see us live. It’s hard to listen to just one song, or see one video, or read one interview, and get an idea of what we are. There’s a lot of variety.

IM: Name of your new project you feel compelled to plug?

ZF: “We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are” !!

IM: Your favorite thing/song from the new release?

ZF: Picking favorites is so hard because there can only be one! My favorite “thing” though is how varied the album is, and how hard it is for me to pick a favorite. It has one overall theme, but it keeps you guessing. Each song took on its own personality, since we really wanted each one to feature different aspects of what we are. There are specific things, both musically and lyrically, that I am really proud of, but most of them are subtle. Listen closely for hidden goodies.

IM: Most absurd thing you’ve been asked at a show?

ZF: “Is your mustache real?” All the time. Apparently, feeling is believing.

IM: When you get around to writing your rock opera and/or concept album, what subject will be the focus your intense personal examination?

ZF: Are we really that predictable? Yes, of course I have lots of ideas bouncing around already.  We dabble in so many themes from circus, to cabaret/vaudeville, to piracy, and obviously horror that there are so many ways to go with it. I can’t give too fable cry 01many details, but be sure that we will be exploring more of these worlds specifically in the future…

IM: Absurd thing you plan to buy with your first million dollar royalty check?

ZF:A ship!

IM: Best reason we should listen to your music?

ZF: Because you’ve made it almost all the way through this interview, so it would be silly at this point not to see what I’ve been yapping about this whole time!

Finish this sentence, “‘We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are’ is the perfect soundtrack for piggy back riding on Herman Munster’s back through a supermarket where all they sell are glowing Loch Ness Monster eggs, that are all just about to hatch.