Sash The Bash SPEAKS!!!

Sash The Bash Speaks!

Formerly of Birmingham, England, currently of Atlanta, G-A, Sash the Bash is a true practioner of Rock in it’s purest form, Garage. Two piece uses this as their jumping off platform to color the music with psychedelic, surf, and punk touches, but they are garage rock purists. Hence their upcoming appearance at this weekends Field Trip South 2 in Orlando.

Let’s pick Sash’s brain and see what might be revealed . . . . .

Indie Music: Name of your new project/current release you feel compelled to plug?

Sash The Bash: Sash The Bash!

IM: Your favorite thing/song from the most recent release?

STB: My favorite thing about Sash The Bash is that it is whatever I want it to be. There’s no restrictions as it’s all just about whatever I feel like doing at the time.

IM:You are returning to FTS 2 with a different band from the year before. What was you’re favorite memory from last year?

STB: All the bands were amazing I got to develop some great new friendships, I especially loved getting blown away by The Little Richards.

IM:What are you most looking forward to this year?

STB: Seeing some familiar faces, making new friends, getting to play and hear some awesome music!

IM: Most absurd thing you’ve been asked at a show?

STB: If I’m the girlfriend of the band or the merch girl

IM: When you get around to writing your rock opera and/or concept album, what subject will be the focus your intense personal examination?

STB: Rock and roll orgies

IM: If you were an SAT question, would you be an analogy or long division?

Neither I’d be the trick question

IM: Absurd thing you plan to buy with your first million dollar royalty check?

STB: I’m not sure I’d buy anything absurd, unless you class a Harley as absurd..

IM: Best reason we should listen to your music?

STB: Because you’ve got good taste

IM:Finish this sentence, “SASH THE BASH  is the perfect soundtrack . . .

STB: . . . for your life.”