The BellTowers Will Brighten Any Day

Day Breakaway

The Belltowers

Twenty Stone Blatt Records

Seriously, this isn’t mere procrastination at work here. I’d go so far as to say it’s fate conspiring against good intentions. I receive CD’s and downloads, which I do listen to, but then hurricanes, wedding anniversary’s and ordinary, everyday crisis rear up to interfere with my progress. Surely the Greek Myths address such a hero and predicament, but it slips my mind.

This said, The Belltowers, an excellent band to be sure, gave me a CD about a lifetime ago. To be fair, I played it more than other discs in that time. Never far from rotation.

The Belltowers, from Orlando, Florida, released Day Breakaway, which is a remarkable disc filled with jangly guitars, day dream vocals and retro goodness. This is music mined from a rich quarry of references, starting first and foremost with the country-folk inflections of the Byrds, filtered through Tom Petty and The Smithereens, until finally becoming their own.

They kick of the disc with the hopeful and upbeat, “Hold On Tight” which pushes with enough urgency to keep it interesting. “Time Will Tell,” is slower and unhurried, with swirling, silvery guitar tones and tasty lead, just because. “Look Away” could have been penned during Pete Townshend’s “I Can See For Miles” psychedelic period. “I look Around” is one of the songs to have earned a spot on my permanent playlist. Subdued vocals tied to a band begging to break into fifth gear, but forced to play it cool, is irresistible.

The bright-eyed guitars, backed with a solid and driving rhythm, sweetly engaging vocals, all combine into a memorable blend of stout hearted pop, carefully crafted for your listening pleasure.