Scott Sugiuchi Gives the Skinny on Field Trip South 2

Scott Sugiuchi of Hidden Volume Records wears a lot of hats. Label Chief, musician in the Hall Monitors, and co-promoter of shows like the epic Field Trip South 2. FTS 2 has some grand expectations to live up to as the first was beyond ambitious and was accomplished with nary a hitch. With FTS 2 just a few days away, let’s see what’s on his mind.

Indie Music: So, Field Trip South II, huh?

Scott Sugiuchi: Yeah, I’ve officially lost my mind.

IM: How long after FTS1 did you and Carol start planning the follow up?

Scott S: We pretty much started talking about the next fest before I flew back to Baltimore. Carol said, “I want the Untamed Youth!” and there ya go.

IM: Were you surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to FTS1?

Scott S: I don’t know if surprised is the right word but definitely happy to see it was well-received. Getting a confirmation that you are doing something right is always a good feeling.

IM: As this is beginning to look like a recurring annual show, which bands might be on your wish list to appear in the future?

Scott S: Oh man, good question. I think I would like to see a continuing mix of more well-known/established acts combined with bands no one has seen or knows much about. I love being able to turn someone on to a new band. Last year everyone was knocked out by The Schizophonics and it was really cool to see everyone digging what I saw months earlier when I first caught them out in San Diego. Anyhow, bands…psych pop combo The Creation Factory from L.A., Boston’s garage punk terrors The Monsieurs, French quartet The Missing Souls, Tokyo’s Fadeaways and it would be a dream to get The Kaisers from Scotland. Related to those last ones, more foreign bands would be cool once we get a little bigger.

IM: Which acts are travelling the furthest for this years show?

Scott S: Well, The Phantom Surfers and Untamed Youth have West Coast members but the road dogs touring up and back to the fest probably need a shout out: The Blind Owls (Texas), The Othermen (NY) and Groovy Movies (Philly).

Some of the acts are returning and other performers are coming back in different incarnations, Tell me about 1 or 2 of the acts new to this year.

Scott S: I wanted to bring back some of the O-town bands of course, Orlando continues to blow me away with the number of amazing live bands but as far as new ones…The Improbables are a band that doesn’t play much outside of Philadelphia and more people should be exposed to their bombastic live show. I think their guitarist, Kevin Murphy, will be everyone’s new favorite guitar player after they see him. Just amazing. Baby Shakes are a band I’m very excited about too. They are blowing up right now and I feel really lucky to have them at the fest—remember us when you’re global, Shakes! Of course, the two headliners The Untamed Youth and The Phantom Surfers are about as close to legends as we get. I can’t say enough about how excited we are to have them.

I guess it’s hard to pick just two.