John 5 Kickstarts His Tour in Orlando

John 5 and the Creatures

Thursday, February 1

The Social, Orlando, FL

John 5 and the Creatures Chose Orlando, Florida to kick off their 2018 tour. If they chose an out of the way place in order to work out the kinks of the show, well they shouldn’t have bothered. This band was whip-smart and ready to roll straight out of the gate,

As for knocking off any cobwebs, that would be pointless as the cobwebs, and other Halloween decorations were part of the décor. Everything John 5 and the Creatures performed had a cinematic bent as they tore through their instrumental set. It wouldn’t be hard to hear songs used in chase scenes or even incidental music in the next Tarantino film.

“This is My Rifle” at moments feels like Al DiMeola channeled through Metallica. “Hell Haw” and “Black Grass Plague” owe huge musical debts to Buck Owens and other country pickers.

John 5’s influences were on display throughout the night as he shredded on original tunes and tore up “Enter Sandman and Michael Jackson’s Beat It.”

The band, rounded out by longtime bassist, Ian Ross, and drummer Logan Nix, were in the pocket and added the right amount of color as needed to make the songs soar. This is a tour you don’t want to