Carol B. Dishes on Field Trip South II

Carol Benanti is an Orlando resident and visionary. She along with longtime friend and partner in crime, Scott Suguchi organised a two day Garage rock festival last year that was nothing short of epic. Field Trip South was such a hit, it’s 2018 follow up will soon be upon us.

Carol was good enough to share her thoughts on last years show as well as what’s to come.

1. So, Field Trip South II, huh?

Carol Benanti: Yes. After the success of last year’s, and being voted Best New Fest in The Orlando Weekly’s 2017 “Undies” awards helped:

2. How long after FTS1 did you and Scott start planning the follow up?

CB: We’ve been planning this year’s since last year’s but really kicked it up in September 2017, when I confirmed the two headliners, The Untamed Youth and The Phantom Surfers. I go after the headliners and then Scott books the junior killers.

3. Were you surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to FTS1?

CB: Yes, and no. No, because the lineup was incredible. Yes, because not only was it our first attempt at a full-blown garage fest, but  it was 10 times more amazing than we expected. You were there. Photos don’t lie!

4. As this is beginning to look like a recurring annual show, which bands might be on your wish list to appear in the future?

CB: Scott and I want to have the next FT in San Diego. FTW2019 seems to be falling into place. There are so many great bands (new and classic) out there. The Sonics (with Jake Cavalier of The Bomboras on organ), The Pandoras (Kim and Melanie from The Muffs), The Mummies would be closer, and the amazing Bomboras (who toured with the Hate Bombs years ago) just reunited. So there’s a lot of food for thought.

5. Which acts are traveling the furthest for this years show?

CB: Deke Dickerson and The Untamed Youth from LA (and Missouri), and Russell Quan and The Phantom Surfers are coming from LA.

6. Some of the acts are returning and other performers are coming back in different incarnations, Tell me about 1 or 2 of the acts new to this year.

CB: This year will be epic — Deke Dickerson hasn’t played in Orlando in 11 years. We’re so excited bout The Untamed Youth. The same with Russell Quan and The Phantom Surfers. I reached out to them and they said YES! Scott Sugiuchi is rounding up another group of amazing junior killers like The Blind Owls (from Corpus Christi, Texas who sound like the early Beatles) and The Groovy Movies from (Philly) who sound like The Lovin’ Spoonful. And The Improbables (toxic fuzz like M,C5 or the yardbirds) from NYC are going to BLOW MINDS!  As will the Baby Shakes, a rock and roll punk band from NYC! And The Hall Monitors (Scott’s newest band)!