Race to Neptune Stunning Debut

Oh Contraire

Race to Neptune

Independent Release, 2017

From Fort Collins, Colorado comes Race to Neptune. They shape layers of post punk with hints of psychedelia into RACE TO NEPTUNE CVRwhat they call their own.

“Wanderlilly” is crazy catchy, emotionally nuanced, and when Brian Maier declares, “I see angels,” I believe him. “Elysian Fields” is angst filled and troubled, but always seeking. The song shows how wonderfully the band balances light and darkness throughout this disc.

“Blue Sky Burned” offers airy guitars coupled with a driving beat to push the song, before relenting to overblown squalls of frenetic lead work. Intense and iridescent, the song feels like personal torment.

“Bayou Brew” is a great two-hand on the snare race to beat the clock. This is Johnny Cash filtered through the Clash. This could be used for pretty much every chase sequence on Sons of Anarchy.

Whether working through a quiet passage or pushing through a raucous number, Race To Neptune bring a sense of urgency to all they do.