Agent Orange and The Queers Strictly Old School

Agent Orange

w/The Queers, Guttermouth, and The Atom Age

Wednesday, February, 22, Ashley’s Sports Page

Surf Punk legends, Agent Orange mad their winter pilgrimage through the South East and were good enough to stop Agent Orange (110) vg CRby Satellite Beach once more. They, and all the bands on this line-up showed showed once again why they have managed to go the distance.

Agent Orange delivered a 75 minute set of high octane, surf influenced punk, kicking off the show with their own intense, balls out version of “Pipeline.” And then they never let up. Keeping a brisk pace the band charged through such notable tracks as “Secret Agent Man,” “I Kill Spies,” and the classic, “Bloodstains.”

The Queers, fronted by Joe Queer, were old school and incredibly solid. “Like a Parasite” was wonderful as was the defiantly declarative “Fuck This World.” Joe Queer’s reedy guitar tone cut the mix like a razor knife precisely cutting only what was necessary.

Guttermouth have been fighting every imaginable tour nightmare life could Queers (129) vg CRthrow at them this time around. First their van was broken into and they lost $10,000 in gear, and then were forced to go on as a 4 piece, having lost a guitarist to an emergency hospitalization. They went on unfazed, and kicked it like it was still the 90’s.

The Atom Age were a wonderful and unexpected surprise. A retro-garagey sextet from Oakland, C-A, they come complete with a farfisa and sax player, the band was more focused on up-tempo dance floor grind than moshing. With strong melodies and bright interplay between the musicians, this is what summertime sounds like.