Run the Jewels Rule the Night

 Run the Jewels – Run the World Tour               The Beacham, Orlando, FL                                                                             23 Jan 2017

Run the Jewels. They ran. They rumbled. They didn’t stumble! Fresh off their release of Run the Jewels 3, the critically acclaimed hip-hop super group composed of veteran rappers, Killer Mike and El-P gave the RTJ 01electric sold out show at the Beacham Theater much more energy than an ordinary, blisteringly savage hip-hop show.

As El-P put it, “tonight is a much needed fucking party after a shitty fucking month.” Run the Jewels provided the symbolic escape many seem to need, playing just three days after the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Those in attendance witnessed synergy at its’ finest. True showmanship was on display, as two rap juggernauts commanded the stage to make for a truly memorable experience. Killer Mike and El-P ensured the night was filled with laughter, love and peace, all while banging out a carefully curated set list (mostly tracks from RTJ3) that invoked a sort of poetic protest in the rise against society’s ills.

The stage was marked by the now iconic and symbolic large hand gesture of the pistol and fist—while the murderous sounds were blasted and executed by only a DJ (unknown to me). Killer Mike and El-P entered stage left to the DJ’s cue of Queen’s, “We are the Champions”: And in champion like fashion, they delivered the goods that made for an epic and RTJ 00memorable night.

All in all, the show was magic, simply pure G-O-L-D. Their performance made it evident that the two seasoned artists are the hottest hip-hip duo in the rap game–pushing the envelope, elevating and changing today’s musical landscape. They have created a movement that transcends music, amassing a cult following of fans that refer to themselves as Jewel Runners. Plenty of Jewel Runners were on hand with “pistol and fist” held high; held high in defiance of government oppression and tyrannical rule. As Jewel Runners, we will serve no masters: So listen to Killer Mike and,”put a pistol and fist in the air and make some noise if you don’t serve no masters.”

Reviewed by Rob McDonald