Howard Simon Bares his Soul on Visitors


Howard Simon

Independent Release, 2017

Reviewed by Cathal Croft

Howard Simon has put together a collection of carefully crafted, and well polished indie-folk pop songs on this full HOWARD simon CVRlength release. The songs on Visitors are a genial, breezy blend of personal revelations.

From track to track Simon manages to give an intimate snapshot on his worldview. Optimistic and heartbroke, uncertain and composed. He approaches conflicting emotions head on, always with a melody as light as air.

“Albion” and “The Devil Every Day” are strong numbers with a full backing band and each with a compelling story. “Antonia” is a spry, lively number, about that one friend we all have who’s hard to forget and harder to ignore. The Horns are a welcome addition, filling out the production. “Sweet Little Mystery” shuffles easily, showcasing melodies and strong songwriting. The harmonies from the backing vocalists help elevate the tune to a blissful state.

“Three Horses” is an unexpected number, considering Robert Johnson’s final moments, when the poison was wending it’s way through his system. Stately and reassuring, making peace with the inevitable.

This is music designed to accompany the personal journey.