2 Cellos Cinematic Score


2 Cellos

Portrait, 2017

Face it, there comes a point in the day when most of us are sick of the sound of other people’s voices. Coworkers 2 CELLOS CVRexplaining, family pestering, rappers bustin’ rhymes and/or over sincere anyone vying for your attention. So an instrumental album can be refreshing and relaxing.

2 Cellos, also known as Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, on this their fourth release, focus on movie themes. They are accompanied here by the London Symphony Orchestra. The best of these compositions call to mind the movies themselves, allowing you to decide the best visual memories for yourself. The less well known numbers, which is clearly subjective depending on how many times you’ve seen a film, are still a graceful repose from modern sounds.

And there-in lies much of the beauty and charm of this disc. It allows for an emotional escape with out being demanding. The drama of the “Game of Thrones Medley” or title from “Chariots of Fire” is ingrained in the music itself. But “Moon River” and “Love Theme from The Godfather” are sweetly seductive on their own, without necessarily needing the memory of the films they are attached to.

This collection breathes easily and these songs tell their own story if one is willing to listen.