New Anthrax 7″ Vinyl Box Set

For All Kings 7″ Box Set


Megaforce, 2017

Anthrax BlackMathCarryOnDiscCoverArt_SideA_hi_2Records were declared dead and gone sometime in the mid 90’s. Only hip-hop and house DJ’s, and the occasional punk rockers were still committed to the medium, aside from you know, purists. Vinyl has been back in an important way for fans with a hankerin’ to actually hold something they spent their money on.

Anthrax, ever a band to appreciate it’s fans, has a new box set of 7” ‘s, and it looks stunning. With art work by Alex Ross, it would be a shame to shelve it immediately. This should be on display to truly enjoy the investment.

The box set contains 10 7-inch vinyl discs featuring 20 songs – the 11 finished For All Kings album tracks presented one song per side. Included in the bonus material are two new covers: The White Stripes “Black Math” and the 70’s radio standard Kansas track “Carry On”. Six of the tracks on here are demos for For All Kings. “Vice of the People,” had previously been released only in Japan, makes its North American vinyl debut. Re-listening to this in it’s entirety, “Suzerain” stands out for several reasons. It’s a tough, mid tempo number, but the solo feels adventurous and different. There’s unhurried, introspective turns of phrase before delving headlong into a flurry of notes.

Of course there’s an inset card showcasing the original album cover art sketch by Alex Ross to download the digital version to take with you. Lot’s of expanded versions of releases seem thrown together. There was a great deal of effort put into the packaging and overall aesthetic of this collection.

Don’t dawdle when it comes to buying this. Naturally, these are limited edition.

For All Kings 7-Inch Box Set Track Listing (disc by disc):

Breathing Lightning (album version)ANTHRAX CVR
Breathing Lightning (demo)

Monster At The End (album version)
Monster At The End (demo)

Suzerain (album version)
Suzerain (demo)

Black Math (White Stripes cover)
Carry On (Kansas cover)

You Gotta Believe (album version)
For All Kings (album version)

Evil Twin (album version)
This Battle Chose Us (album version)

All Them Thieves (album version)
Vice of the People (previously unreleased in North America)

Zero Tolerance (album version)
Zero Tolerance (demo)

Blood Eagle Wings (album version)
Blood Eagle Wings (demo)

Defend Avenge (album version)
Defend Avenge (demo)

Check out “Vice of the People” here: