A Little Bit More is All You Want


A Little Bit More

Independent Release, 2017

With two distinct and powerful voices, Reed Fields and Jill Hamlin,manage to blend them to become A Little Bit A LITTLBIT MORE CVRMore. The songs here are memorable and hard to ignore.

“If Only For A Moment” gives Jill Hamlin a chance to take the spotlight with a thoughtful slower number. Hamlin manages to elevate the ordinairy to high drama, and she has the chops to pull it off. “The Last Time” comes to life slowly and simmers with ache and want. This is the disc’s center and the song which continued playing in my head after the music stopped. The guitar lead is refreshing as the lead unhurriedly colors phrases here. “Beer Bottle” is a great honky-tonk number about all the great things that make country music worthwhile desire, alchohol, and unrequited love.

“Save Me Tonight” closes out the disc with an upbeat and hopeful feel. This is real life played out with melody and harmony. True stories most people can relate to. The sort of songs with one eye on what actually happened and the other on what one hopes for. Sort of like real life. Where all you want is A Little Bit More.