Blue Honey are Organic Audio Delight

Blue Honey

Independent release, 2017

Two songs here. Sort of refreshing. Like a classic double AA sided single. I don’t suspect many people know what I’m Blue honeyreferencing, but whatever. Let’s talk about Blue Honey. A Nashville-based husband – wife duo of Kassie Jordan and Troy Brooks.

“Hurts Just the Same” has harmonies, dynamics, heartache and frustration, so it should be an instant classic. Seriously, and all in under 3:30. The back and forth is wonderful. In a different setting, it could be theater, but here it’s a pretty great bit of country music. “Angels Come Home” is a prettier track, but just as powerful in another direction. Sweet, hopeful and tenderhearted, the song is for the optimistic among the listening crowd.

Blue Honey can keep up a steady drip drip drip of two song treasures for as long as they like. I’d rather hear consistently strong songs than a full length with only a few gems and the rest unremarkable filler. Blue Honey is worth seeking out. I’d love to see this pressed on vinyl. Because it’s the only way it could get any better-er.