Inward of Eden Ready for Radio

Mind Control

Inward of Eden

Independent Release, 2017


Darkly compelling Inward of Eden sidestep the mistakes of lots of bands, by having a complete and fully realized INWARD OF EDENsense of self. The band has already done a lot of the heavy lifting by writing some memorable and catchy songs. Inward of Eden kick off this 4 song EP with “Slow Burn.” aptly titled as the song simmers with an incendiary intensity.

With “Devil” the band steps up it’s game by making the keyboard prominent, giving the song a throwback feel without moving backwards. The difference is it show’s theirs some real thought and possibly the vision to be more than another ALT band that bashes away manically at three chords as if that’s all there is to say. The keyboard also swells easily, offering interesting colors to closing number “Ghost of Amelie.” There’s also a sweetly enticing guitar solo leading us out of the tune that bears listening to repeatedly.

Inward of Eden are rock steady and radio ready. Get them on the festival circuit post haste, this band is ready to wear the tread off of some tires.