X – at The Beacham


w/Rosie Flores

May 13, The Beacham, Orlando, FL

all photos by M.A.Rivera

I’ve heard and read some murmurings about how the 40th anniversary tour of X is making more than one person X (532) vgsuddenly feel old. That onus is on them. X, currently on tour with the original line-up of John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom and D.J. Bonebreak, didn’t sound dated or tired. Not in the least.

X. were relaxed as they delivered an animated, positively rousing set. Taking the stage with “Beyond and Back,” they plowed through 20 rock solid numbers. The audience responding wildly to the legendary tracks “We’re Desperate,” “Nausea,” “ Los Angeles,” and the still blistering, uncompromising reading of “Soul Kitchen.”

Back to back Orlando shows of The Damned and X, both celebrating 40 years of making a glorious racket, further prove what I’ve known for some time, the older bands get it. The spark of anger and frustration that initially propelled them towards punk, back when it was a scary word and practiced by highly suspect individuals, still burns brightly.X (555) vg

And to address that notion on aging, I’d guess knees joints creaked and squalled as bodies unwittingly pogoed, against the better judgment of their owner’s mind. Maybe even considered throwing elbows, old school, before rightly considering those important meetings come Monday morning, where a black eye might be hard to explain. But X, seem ageless, and seem to have plenty of gas left in the tank.