Face to Face Pull into Orlando

Face to Face

W/The Attack

Friday, May 19, Backbooth, Orlando, FL

all photos by M.A.Rivera

Seriously, I’ve never seen The Backbooth this full before. Ever. You could barely move. Face to Face had brought a capacity crowd and they weren’t going to be disappointed.Face to Face (194) vg

Orlando’s own The Attack opened the show with a solid set of gritty street punk. They paused momentarily to acknowledge the hometown audience as well as the scen they’ve been part of for so long. Their 50 minute set was full of taut, intense blasts of purposeful anger. Songs like, “These Nights” have a strong ’77 feel to them. Definitely worth checking out.

Face to Face, back in Orlando after a 3 night residency in March, commented on the capacity crowd, mildly surprised at just how many people had come out. Trever Keith and the rest of the band delivered a solid set despite Keith’s repeated apologies for his strained voice. The audience sang along and you’d never know anything was off if he hadn’t said it. He reflected on getting older and his own relationship to punk rock, and realized, neither he nor the band was ready to pack it in. and why should they? Still on top of their game with an fan base willing to listen, There’s no reason to call it a day. Not yet anyhow.