Bash and Pop’s Orlando Stop

Bash and Pop

w/Run Raquel, and Plane Versus Cult

Monday, May 22, The Social, Orlando, FL

all photos by M.A. Rivera

“I’m Thomas Eugene Stinson; and I’m a mBash and pop (328) vgusician.” said Mr. Stinson, better known as Tommy, before an intimate Monday night crowd in Orlando, Florida.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a relaxed show. Maybe the backdrop of much needed rainfall helped set the tone, But Stinson has been onstage since he was 12, and he couldn’t have appeared more at ease or at home if he tried. Bash and Pop took the stage and focused almost exclusively the songs from the two albums, 1993’s “Friday Night is Killing Me,” and this years release, “Anything Can Happen.”

Stinson seemed to relish the spotlight and promptly established ownership of the stage. People expecting a re-hashing of his legendary band The Replacements would have to find solace in the spirit of the night, if not the songs. There were high octane barn burners, a tender folk number he performed sans amplification from the edge of the stage, and the unexpected cover of The Who’s “The Kids Are Alright,’ which kicked like paean to confused teenage existence that it is.

Newer songs, “Unfuck You,” and “Never Wanted to Know,” were show highlights. All those things Stinson hasBash and pop (426) vg learned along the way, he brought with him, but tonight it was about his band, and his songs, The show was equal parts vulnerable romantic and defiant rocker. For this he was unapologetic and rightfully proud.

Local support act Plane Versus Cult brought an arty spin to traditional Americana. The songs and band show promise that only repeated live performances will bear out. Their intentional sidestepping of many obvious rock 101 for more indie sensibilities moves may prove to be their strongest asset.