Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers Restless Soul

Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs

Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers

Independent Release, 2017

From NYC comes Frank Migliorelli& The Dirt Nappers, a band focused on the sort of Americana that blends a healthy amount of folk, pop, and acoustic country, into comfortable, well worn songs that feel immediately familiar. frank M CVRThe songs here fall somewhere between Tom Petty jangly numbers and the acoustic ventures of Bruce Springsteen. The band thankfully avoids all of the worst cliches currently running afoul of most of the contemporary Americana bands.

Frank Migliorelli’s vocal delivery on “Handful of Rain” is as soft as the cotton on your favorite flannel shirt. “I’ve Been on My Knees” sounds like it could have come from The Beatles catalog with an instantly memorable chorus. “Wound up Woman” boogies with some flashes of brilliant stride piano.

“Former Femme Fatales and Romeos” is a bittersweet lament as middle age sweeps away even the most die hard hedonists.

It’s most unexpected that such heartfelt, rusticated pop should be coming out of New York City. But this music speaks for itself. The strongest tracks are well crafted and achingly catchy. And the fact you may have to take the A train to see them play live, makes them that much more intriguing.