Make The ProblemAddicts Your Problem


The ProblemAddicts

Independent Release, 2017

There’s something truly liberating about being in a band from a small town. Because there’s really only one or two problem addictsbars that wouldn’t let you play there ever, you end up writing the kind of songs you want to, to keep yourself entertained first and foremost.

The ProblemAddicts are from Deltona, Florida, which isn’t the sticks, but not exactly a bustling metropolis either. At any rate, it’s a bit of a haul to anywhere, and that time and distance are serving the band well. Opening the disc with “Stuck” it has some of the best lines about personal shortcomings since Paul Westerburg was still drinking. “Come back to my place/My mom will fix us breakfast/Is a pick-up line/That’s never served me well.” And later the brilliant, “What the fuck is wrong with you I ask myself.” It can be hard to be so blunt, but this emotional honesty is in great part what sets The ProblemAddicts apart from their peers.

There’s artists of every stripe who complain endlessly and think they are exposing their torment, but it’s just whining. PA’s ability to get to the root of a problem with a relaxed, off the cuff statement reveals volumes more.

“Promisory” straddles genuine frustrations with a forceful and purposeful bass line that carries the whole thing. Living through “3000 Miles That Way” is a rite of passage. A long distance relationship that hasn’t yet collapsed under the strain of time, space and longing. And is absolutely worthwhile when it works. “Don’t Lay Bricks” is a great send up of Bad Religion that screams along in one brief, furious tear.

The ProblemAddicts have a great deal to say. To stand vulnerable in a way that dog dares others to know your human takes guts. They have the nerve , and thankfully the songs to pull it off.