Swervedriver’s Controlled Chaos



The Social, Orlando, FL

Saturday, September 16, 2017

From Oxford, UK, comes Swervedriver supporting their re-released CD’s, Raise and Mezcal Head by performing SWERVDRVR VG (9)them in their entirety. Splitting the show into two sets, the band sussed through the material with considerable muscle and zeal.

The first set was dedicated to Raise, and glorious heaps of distortion seeped forth. “Son of Mustang Ford” with it’s purposeful attack and driven beat was a set highlight. The music often sounded so big as to create it’s own unique sense of space.

The Mezcal Head set proved to be just as formidable. “Duel” and “Girl on a Motorbike” stood out in a solid show. There was a pervasive sense of controlled chaos from start to finish. One of the most remarkable feats Swervedriver manages to pull off is pummeling through swelling washes of intense audio overload and drop into a quiet stillness on the turn of a dime. In these moments, one becomes aware of how in control the band is as they hold back, allowing the songs to breathe. Stark lighting afforded a dramatic effect placing the emphasis squarely where it should be; on the music.