Psychedelic Furs Instant Dance Party

Psychedelic Furs

W/Bash and Pop

Friday, September 22,

Hard Rock Live Orlando

Cutting a resplendent form in a tailcoat with broad lapels, Richard Butler prowled the stage of Orlando’s Hard Rock Live. He bash and pop (238) vglead legendary new wave act Psychedelic Furs through almost two hours of rock steady, synth fueled, sax colored numbers.

Re-formed earlier this Millennia, the band’s legacy stretches back to the early 80’s, when the Furs were trying to stand out as another punk band in the crowded UK scene. Signature song, “Pretty in Pink” was bandied out early in the set, as was “Love My Way.” There was a steady flow of singles throughout the set. Saxophonist Mars Williams over the top squalling soared with an inspired sense of purpose.

Any thoughts Butler may have had about Orlando, and the conditions of audience’s mindset, were kept to himself. His and the band’s energy was focused squarely on the music.

Opening act, Bash and Pop, were energized and forthright. This being their second trip through the Sunshine state this year, they took the stage in a different mindset. With the venue still filling up, Tommy Stinson led the charge forward with a 50 minute set of uptempo rockers.

Focusing heavily on this years release, Anything Can Happen, the band was in fine form with a cocky, “You-Will-pay-attention-to-us” mindset. The band’s raucous version of “The Kid’s Are Alright,” was a centerpiece of the show. “Fast and Hard,” as well as a brash delivery of “Friday Night is Killing Me” kept the show’s momentum flowing. Bash and Pop’s set was well received. They boiled music back down to basics, and kept what mattered, loud, hooky, sing-a-long choruses with searing guitar leads, and driven purposeful rhythms; delivering a memorable set of unpretentious rock.