Between the Buried and Me – Technical Ecstasy

Between the Buried and Me

W/ The Contortionist, Polyphia, and Toothgrinder

Thursday, October 19,

The Plaza Live, Orlando, Fl

photos by Jeff Madore

Between the Buried and Me, currently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their seminal release, Colors, pulled (5)into Orlando and delivered a stunning set. Their unique brand of technical metalcore was rife with exacting passages that sound like the most interesting music Frank Zappa ever wrote. And just because, BTBAM pulled out achingly trippy, lush and pastoral musings before unleashing the metal monster they are at heart.

The Contortionist, brought shimmering guitars, and deeply nuanced musical arrangements to life. With songs and arrangements reminiscent of late 70’s Genesis, but filtered through harder edged music, the band found deep grooves to explore, with some pummeling moments along the (4)

Polyphia herald from Texas, and these guys were spectacular from start to finish. With technical chops to spare, they sound as though they were raised on Return to Forever and the Dixie Dregs without ever sounding like either one. Muscular and eloquent, this is a band that bears watching.

Toothgrinder’s set was carefully orchestrated chaos. Precise and taut as wire, Toothgrinder started the night off with a terse but memorable set. Melodic and powerful, the band was well received. They sidestepped obvious rock 101 moves for prog musings and it suits them. They do a fine job balancing thoughtfulness and naked aggression.