Barb Wire Dolls are Rock N Roll

Barb Wire Dolls

W/SkatterBrainz, and Subculture Threat

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Friday, November 10, Satellite Beach, FL

“We’re the Barb Wire Dolls, and we play rock n roll.”

Barb wire dolls (781) VGIt’s a pretty ballsy move to crib a line from Lemmy, but they were/are signed to Motorhead Records, by Mr. Kilmister hisself, before he went to the great gig in the sky.

And everyone in attendance this Friday in Satellite Beach got to experience firsthand the greatness which was so apparent to no less an authority than Lemmy. Taking the stage with a determined sense of purpose, Barb Wire Dolls delivered a stunning 90 minute set of metal tinged punk, Their world view is one weary of regular people getting the short end of the stick. “Blind to Your Misery,” “LA,” and “I Will Sail,” were delivered with audacious nerve.

Isis Queen is one of the most engaging performers to ever grace a stage. With a physicality rivaling Iggy Pop, she cuts a hypnotic and commanding presence. It would be easy to focus solely on Isis Queen, but this is a band. With core members Krash and Pyn Doll (drums and guitar, respectively), now rounded out with Iriel Blaque and Xtine, (bass and rhythm guitar), the band is whipsmart and responsive to one another in a way that only comes from being on the tour eternal.Barb wire dolls (783) VG

When the dam finally bursts (and it will), and Barb Wire Dolls is a name on everyone’s lips, people will bemoan the fact they missed out on seeing them in that little club down the street.

Local support Skatter Brainz served up a solid set of 90’s inspired punk. And Subculture Threat were a definite and unexpected surprise. With a crusty patina, theirs was a short solid set of bold ‘77 and early hardcore themed punk. Definitely worth watching.