Michale Graves Ghastly Roadshow

Michale Graves

W/Swift Knuckle Solution, October’s Flame, and Dial Drive


Thursday, November 9, Winter Park, FL

Michael Graves (783) VG CRMichale Graves brought his roadshow to Florida and delivered a stunning set. 75 minutes of solid, uncompromising punk rock, served up hard, sweaty, and fast. He covered music from his time in The Misfits, as well his catalog of solo releases.

As Graves voice soared through “Saturday Night,” it crossed my mind, he sounds just like the record. And throughout the night the band’s sound was crisp, full and they performed with a powerful vitality. Michale Graves the man and the performer seems to be at ease with himself and his place in the greater musical landscape. His performance never slowed and after the show was gracious, happy to meet with fans.

Orlando’s Swift Knuckle Solution delivered a terse, hard nosed performance. Theirs is a gritty, push and shove brand of punk filled with acrimony and spite. A great soundtrack for all your frustrations. From Melbourne came October’s Flame. With sweeping harmonies and some darker musing on all things horror-filled and spooky. The band shows promise. Dial Drive got the party started with hard nosed take on post punk. Edgy guitars and an adrenalized delivery, they flexed every muscle they have in preparation of their upcoming tour.